Human Resource Services offered by Durban Labour Consultants

KZN Labour Consultants offer numerous services to their clients. Below is a list and description of all services offered. Should you require more information regarding these services or wish to contact us, simply email or enquire online today.


IR (Industrial Relations)

This includes chairing disciplinary hearings, when and how to suspend an employee. Verbal, written and final written warnings, dismissals etc

Disciplinary Hearings

Chairing of disciplinary hearings and managing this process from start to finish.


Mediating employee grievances.


Representation at the CCMA where allowed, and guidance every step of the way where external representation is not allowed.

Mutual Separation Agreements

Managing separations from beginning to end.

Retrenchment Procedures

Handling of retrenchments and restructuring of departments from consultation to operational requirements dismissals. Ensuring a fair procedure is followed in line with the Labour Relations Act whilst maintaining the dignity of employees.

Dealing with Trade Unions

Involving all dispute resolution matters and negotiations.

Employment Contracts

Including permanent employment contracts as well as fixed term contracts etc.

Company Policies

Smoking policies, sexual harassment policies, recruitment policies, grievance policies, disciplinary codes etc.

Job Descriptions

Outlining success criteria.


Advertising, shortlisting, interviewing, placement and probation monitoring.

Succession Planning

Ensuring all employees have a career plan in place.

Training Plans

Drafting training plans for new employees, promoted and demoted employees. Focusing on bridging gaps.

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