Durban Labour Consultants

Durban Labour consultants offers telephonic and electronic advise and templates to assist clients every step of the way. Offerings include advice on issuing employees warnings, managing suspensions accordingly, drafting Company policies and disciplinary codes etc.

This is done in a way that not only eradicates repercussions for Employers as a result of unfair procedures, but also respects the dignity and rights of employees accordingly. 

A patient and helpful consultant will take your manager’s on a hand held journey of learning, empowering them to manage their people accordingly every step of the way. 

Durban Labour Consultants typically target small to medium sized businesses who may not have a full time resource employed to deal predominantly with Human Resource related matters. Outsourcing these functions allows for focusing on the business’s core offerings. 

Disciplinary Hearings

This includes chairing disciplinary hearings, when and how to suspend an employee. Verbal, written and final written warnings, dismissals etc.

Retrenchment Procedures

Ensuring a fair procedure is followed in line with the Labour Relations Act whilst maintaining the dignity of employees..

Employment Contracts

Including permanent employment contracts as well as fixed term contracts etc..

Company Policies

Smoking policies, sexual harassment policies, recruitment policies, grievance policies, disciplinary codes etc.

Why Choose Us

We are Best

We know the laws and make sure our clients abide by them.

Priority Always to Clients

Our clients come first and offer professional services at affordable rates

We apply the Law

We ensure that we go the extra mile and also back our suggestions with facts and law.

We know the Labour Laws

We have Best Agents to Help you